Thought Plan

A minimalistic tool for planning projects, organizing your thoughts and storing simple documents.

Planning a business with Thought Plan

Using Thought Plan to write down ideas for an imaginary web app called "Chat with an expert".
It's StackOverflow meets IRC: personal expert advice in real time.

Writing a story with Thought Plan

Writing a story with Thought Plan

Coming up with a story often means coming up with your own little world. Every story needs characters, a setting, a plot, etc. Thought Plan helps you keep your notes on all these things.

Making a game with Thought Plan

Making a game with Thought Plan

Thought Plan is perfect for game design documents. Thanks to markdown, you can move fast and Thought Plan's sidebar gives your notes the structure you need to stay on top of things.

Write in markdown

Note and format your thoughts super-fast, without leaving the keyboard.

Organize your thoughts

Word documents get really long and complicated. Thought Plan lets you split your thoughts into items.

Share your thoughts

Generate read-only links to share your thoughts with potential investors, collaborators and friends.


Jazmin Cano 3D Modeler & Game Developer

I always try to type out my thoughts on Google Drive, but it's so hard trying to organize them like Thought Plan does it.

It's like Microsoft's OneNote but without all the clutter!

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